Joy, beauty and Community


Kyleigh Kühn Seeks to inspire joy, beauty & community with projects that Connect cultures And build a sense of care, restoration & Opportunity in areas Of need.


Schools in Afghanistan:


Kyleigh works with Roots of Peace, her family's NGO, to raise the funds to support education in Afghanistan.  Together, they have built 2 schools in Afghanistan from the ground up and refurbish 4 others. The school pictured here was one of the first buildings erected after the small town of Mir Bocha Kot was demolished by war.

Inlaid Afghan Jewelry:

Kyleigh teamed up with artisans in Afghanistan to create a jewelry line inspired by the ubiquitous and charmed "evil eye" she saw painted on the 'jingle trucks' throughout Afghanistan.  The stones are inlaid lapis and quarts with 24K gold plating.  They are sold at Opening Ceremony and here.

Carpet Collaboration:


Kyleigh teamed up with Jee Kim to transform her art into a hand woven wool carpet produced with women in Afghanistan.  This carpet was woven with wool from Afghan sheep, the dyes are naturally derived from rocks and plants in the area and the work was completed by women within their homes, offering a source of income for often widowed families. The carpet sold to the Chair of the Princess Grace Foundation in 2015.


Yearbook Afghanistan:

Yearbook Afghanistan creates a window into the true spirit of Afghan youth, displaying the playful and coy portraits of the students attending her schools.  The yearbook layout appealed to Kyleigh as a way to bring solidarity to their new school, giving the kids a sense of pride and unity.  There is a dignity captured in their portraits, portraying the students as a joyous and promising future for Afghanistan.  Even though their is so much room for improvement in their school and community, these kids are just as eager and energetic as any other kid with the privilege of peace.

The Clementina:

The Clementina is a creative warehouse Kyleigh founded with her boyfriend Ryan Brown, supporting the art community in San Francisco.  The space is available as a shared stuido for artists and creatives during the day, and becomes an intimate venue for dinners and special events by night.  They utilize their storefront entrance as a installation art space, connecting with a new artist or influencer each month to breath new inspiration into the space.  To launch their installation, The Clementina hosts a dinner each month with a fundraising component to support an NGO of the artist's choice.  Straddling the bridge between the tenuous Tenderloin and booming SOMA district, Kyleigh sees this space as a beacon of unity to encourage a vibrant developing culture in the bay.


87 Days of Vintage:

Kyleigh challenged herself and peers to alter the clothes you already own or purchase only vintage clothing for 87 days to help break our collective dependence on disposable fashion.  This fashion fast breaks our dependence on fast fashion, encouraging you to limit your purchases, discover the trove of wonderful second hand and vintage clothing and pour more love into the pieces you already own. Visit the page here 87 Days of Vintage